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Genomic analysis at the speed of thought

Omecu removes the biggest barrier to working with highly sensitive datasets – the issue of access. With lifetime permissions control for data holders, researchers can now interactively query multiple genomic data sets securely and get answers in seconds.

A truly federated genomics analysis platform

Genomic data sets powered by Omecu are never directly accessed, only queried, making it possible to rapidly access multiple genomics cohorts from multiple sources with ease.

Radically simple

Data is pre-prepared, structured and ready to be queried. 
No technical experience is required. Simply select the parameters and hit send.

Streamline approvals

All data sets on the Omecu platform offer clear up-front guidance on usage, alongside a simple and uniform approval process.

Lower costs

Since only the query specifications and returning result data ever move, computing environment costs are substantially lower.

Eliminate the threat of mis-use

Unprecedented permissions control. No individual-level data is exposed and complete visibility over how the data is used.

Lifetime control for Data Holders

Permit a greater number of researchers to query your data in a secure, granular and commercially viable way.

Benefits for Data Holders

Spend 80% more time on your research

No more hours spent accessing and preparing the data.
Omecu gets you to the insights faster.

Benefits for Researchers

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