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OMECU for Data Holders

Lifetime control over how your data is used

The rapid proliferation in the world’s genomics data is both a turning point moment of scientific opportunity, and an ethical risk if not suitably managed. With Omecu you can demonstrate your commitment to open science without ever having to worry that your sensitive genomics or health data might be compromised or mis-used in any way.

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A truly federated approach


No access required.

Omecu removes one of the biggest barriers to working with highly sensitive datasets - the issue of access. Underlying individual-level data is never exposed.


Data is only ever queried.

Genomics data sets powered by Omecu remain in your own secure computing environment. Data sets are never accessed, only queried. You maintain lifetime control over how your data is used.


Combine multiple data sets with ease.

This truly federated approach allows researchers to query and combine multiple data sets interactively in seconds rather than days.

How it works

Omecu manages analyses in a completely different way using proprietary algorithms developed at the University of Edinburgh.

Only the query specifications and the returning result data ever move, and this is compressed, optimised and encrypted; lowering the cost of your computing environment, whilst protecting individual-level data.

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Radically simplify your process

Streamline approvals

Responding to researchers' requests for access is time-consuming. Show clearly what’s permissible, and approve researchers online in seconds. Permit a greater number of researchers to query your data in a granular, yet commercially viable way.

Full and trackable permissions control

With a full suite of auditing and tracking tools and 100% permissions control you decide which countries can query your data, which users, as well as HOW your data may be used. Revoke permissions at any time if you have any reason for concern.

Enable interactive analysis

Give researchers the freedom to run lightning fast transformations on your data without the need for manual change requests. Save your team time, and allow the scientific community to make rapid transformations at the speed of thought.

Greater extraction of value

Analysis on


genetic variants from


delivered in



Discover a truly federated platform with no risk to your data.

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